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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Pushes Bogus Girl Scouts Gone Liberal Meme
The Christian right have their tighty whities in a bunch over the Girl Scouts who no longer concentrate on domesticities but provide girls with information on OMG career choices and OMG sex education. As the media mouthpiece for those who long for the ...

Daily Meme: More Tales from the GOP Civil War
All is not quiet in conservative America. Sure, Republicans are in an excellent position heading into the 2014 midterm elections—the President's approval ratings are low, and Democrats are being forced to defend more vulnerable Senate seats—but the ...

ICYMI: LeBron James's Mask Is the Meme of the Week
The other top meme this week: The shadow of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's pointed finger gives German Chancellor Angela Merkel a mustache at a joint press conference in Jerusalem. (The Jerusalem Post). Giving constructive criticism in ...

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