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Never trust an internet meme (apart from this one)
As a rule never trust a meme, especially one that makes some profound point, because it's almost certainly untrue. Among the most popular is an image of a matador sitting down next to a bull with a little story about how the animal spared his life and ...

Great Album Covers Are Being Replaced By Memes
While he was originally scrutinized for the sloppy handwriting that was used as the font for IYRTITL, it eventually became a meme sensation. A meme generator was created by Rik Lomas and Simon Whybray (If You're Typing This It's Too Late), people were ...

'I Became an Internet Meme:' How It Feels When Your Face Goes Viral
My phone was buzzing constantly with excited friends sending me the latest versions of the memes. People I hadn't talked to since school were getting back in touch to check if it was me. On sites like QuickMeme, where people can create their own ...

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