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Meme Archive 11/2018 (Page 12)

Modi's arrival at the G20 summit 'announced with Apu meme'
An Argentine news channel has come under fire for displaying an image of the Simpsons character Apu as Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Buenos Aires. Cronica TV used the headline "Apu arrives" as the Indian PM's plane touched down for ...

The Celebrity Crush “Missed Connection” Meme Is Giving Photoshop a Lot of Business
It all started when Twitter helped two friends get together. From there, Twitter user BeeBabs photoshopped herself with Michael B. Jordan, and the rest was history. (Well, history in the sense that it worked and she got a real picture with Michael B ...

Judge: Car crash meme admissible in Charlottesville murder trial
WASHINGTON — The Instagram post shows a car ramming into a crowd of protesters — strikingly reminiscent of the Pulitzer Prize-winning photo taken a split-second after James Alex Fields allegedly plowed into counterprotesters on the day of the 2017 ...

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